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Scariest Thing I Did in 2013 Was…

I wholeheartedly believe being a little scared brings out the best in a person. With the end of 2013 I’m looking back and remembering an incredible year. I traveled to three continents , met inspiring and good people, and emotionally grew by pushing personal boundaries.

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Travel to Toronto: Scared of the CN Tower’s Glass Floor

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” I’m not sure what level of scary Eleanor Roosevelt intended but while in Toronto this week, I did something I didn’t realize I was afraid to do. Please don’t think less of me with this confession. I was on the verge of peeing my pants and crying […]

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Travel to Toronto: Many Faces of the CN Tower

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it but reviewing my iPhone photos from the past week, it looks as though I have a little obsession with Toronto’s CN Tower. Soon I’ll share how it scared and just about conquered me but for now, enjoy these snapshots. Above is a view of the tower as viewed […]

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Florida Everblades Jersey Worn When Eastern Conference Hockey League Kelly Cup Captured in 2012 on Display at Hockey Hall of Fame
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My 18 Hours in Toronto Included Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame

Business travel is an excuse to “carpe diem” and make every minute of a quick trip. Last month I found myself in Toronto and vowing to seize the day and minute, I strolled Yonge Street, visited the Hockey Hall of Fame, ate a couple of meals, participated in a business event and slept, err, napped, […]

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