Month: July 2017

I Tasted the #ButterLove of Murder Point Oysters, Alabama, Nov. 2016.
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Oyster Farming: Alabama’s Newest Seafood Revolution

I attended the 2016 World Food Championships Blogger Summit in Orange Beach, Ala., and learned about Alabama seafood and specifically, oyster farming in a world post-BP oil spill world. I also toured a working oyster farm!

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Some of the Yummy Desserts I Judged During the 2016 Wood Food Championships, Orange Beach, Ala.
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How I Became a Certified Food Judge

Have you heard how I became a card-carrying, certified E.A.T. food judge? Yes, it’s a real and delicious thing and this is how I became a certified food judge…

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Lion Fish Tacos in Corn Tortillas with Veggies Grown On Site at Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs, Fla.
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Where Are the Best Fish Tacos in Southwest Florida? 2017 Winner Announced!

Where are the best fish tacos in Southwest Florida? Friends know I am obsessed with fish tacos. When I heard Coastal Locals and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Southwest Florida Chapter were holding a competition to find the best fish tacos in the area, I volunteered my certified food judging skills to participate.

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Best Subscription Box for Those Who Love to Travel? Here are the Contents of the Explore Local Box Representing Portland, Ore.
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Best Subscription Box for Those Who Love to Travel

A subscription box, by Wikipedia’s definition, “is a recurring delivery of niche products.” There’s a slew on the market and my first box was for Birchbox, where I received makeup and beauty samples. Over the years, I have tried some of the best subscription boxes, ranging from health and fitness to healthy eating to fly fishing  and now, I have tried one for those who love to travel.

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Tuckaleechee Caverns in Townsend, Tenn.
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Traveling Solo in Gatlinburg: Mountains to Moonshine

Forget about a Rocky Mountain high, how about a Smoky Mountains shine? Exploring and traveling on my own is my identity and my trip to Eastern Tennessee was no different. Traveling solo in Gatlinburg I inhaled the Smokies’ fresh mountain air, learned about some of the moonshine culture, explored caverns and almost got myself in trouble with the federal government!

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Celebrate Independence Day with Civility.
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Independence Day 2017: I Challenge My Fellow U.S. Citizens

Dear Fellow Citizens of the United States of America: Today is Independence Day. America’s birthday. And I challenge you…

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