Month: July 2009

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Discounts on Inflight Internet, Shapewear & a FUD

Last weekend I was in Chicago attending BlogHer ’09 followed by a Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) meet up. In addition to informative blogging sessions, both events were pitching grounds for various brands with many giving away freebies to try out (which will be a future article) and others offering discounts.

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Three Women in Burqas in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 2006
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Laughing in Afghanistan

Sky-blue burqas continue to flow down the dusty streets of Kabul. They’re remnants of the Taliban’s harsh reign and belief women should not be seen. While Afghan woman are no longer required to wear burqas, many prefer wearing the full-body, shapeless cape while in public. Or sadly, their husbands or other male in their life demand they be worn.

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Solo Travel

Tim Gunn Travels Alone, Not Lonely, Too

Or, this post could have been called, “My Two Minutes with Style Guru Tim Gunn” of Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style fame. A treat about BlogHer is the mixing with celebrities compliments of brands sponsoring the conference. Tide and Bounce were kind to invite Tim Gunn between 3 and 5 p.m. on […]

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About Me

BlogHer ’09: Soaking in Day 1

It’s time to step up my game and deliver on the promise to myself with getting this blog off the ground. BlogHer ’09 has been the needed validation I’m doing the right thing. Read my initial thoughts about the blogging conference here and look forward to at least a couple of posts this weekend.

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About Me Solo with Others

Heading to Chicago for BlogHer ’09 and TBEX

It’s time to step up my game with this blog and just delve into posting. Hopefully BlogHer ’09 and TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange for those not in the know) will be the inspiration I need to get back on track with my passion for travel blogging. I will be live tweeting for the event, so […]

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