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That's Me, Solo Travel Girl, Ready to Take On the World!

That’s Me, Solo Travel Girl, Ready to Take On the World!

“You’re traveling alone? Aren’t you lonely?” I hear this countless times while traveling solo and it’s always in a tone of amazement. I simply reply with a smile and, “I’m traveling alone, not lonely.”

Howdy! I’m Jennifer Huber (additional pen name: JA Huber) and I’m just your average fifty-something-year-old gal living life solo. It wasn’t always that way but as life takes its twists and turns, I’ve found myself navigating this world alone. Rather than waiting for Mr. Right or finding a travel buddy to coordinate vacation schedules with, I’ve decided rather than giving up what I love – the adventure of travel – to embrace traveling solo. I know that some people would prefer to travel with someone, and use a company like NetJets to have the best possible experience. But for me, traveling alone is the best experience I’ve ever had.

Originally from Western New York in the suburbs of Buffalo, a hiking trail led me to a career path in tourism where I’ve worked for more than 20 years including 10 years with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley and Everglades National Park. Business and personal trips have led me throughout the United States along with visits to Brazil, Canada and Europe. Curiosity led me to Afghanistan, Cuba and Japan to understand the cultures. I currently live in Southwest Florida and with easy access to the Southeastern U.S., I enjoy discovering the region’s quirky, outdoor and offbeat attractions.

I founded SoloTravelGirl.com because I found myself traveling alone, not lonely. My personal experiences are meant to inspire and empower other travelers to shed their fears and travel solo. I admit to still having uncomfortable butterflies when dining alone in a chichi restaurant or participating in an activity geared toward couples or families but I shrug off my insecurities and indulge in the moment of discovery and adventure.

Topics I blog about include Florida, domestic and international travel, culinary, nature-based/outdoor adventures, solo travel, girlfriend getaways, product reviews and travels with a dog.


Media Mentions/Guest Posts

Radio Show Host
Since September 2016, I have hosted the weekly radio show Solo Travel Girl’s Adventures Near & Far on WKDW 97.5 FM (North Port, Fla.). The show airs weekly on Thursdays at Noon with a replay on Friday at 7 p.m. WKDW is a community radio station.

But Seriously…

Make no mistake, I don’t take myself seriously yet I hope followers of SoloTravelGirl.com are inspired to shed their fears and travel solo. Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Am I a Pioneer or Just Old?
I’ve been dabbling in social media since 2004 or 2005. Tom was my first social media friend (yes, I still have a MySpace account). My personal blog is QuirkyKitschGirl.com and while living in Tallahassee, I kept QKGTallahassee.com. And, I have contributed to Suite101, Yahoo! Contributor Network and currently contribute to the Southwest Florida Parrot and Sun Newspapers.

I’m available for blogging and social media projects. Drop me a line here!