Month: March 2011

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#NASATweetup – I’m In!

Oh, my. It’s been a fast-paced week and I haven’t shared all the news. There was the B-25 flight and a chance encounter with author Stephen King but the most exciting news was received last Friday afternoon. Around 4:30, I received notification from NASA I had been moved off the wait list to attend the […]

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Blog4Japan: Resources to Support Japan

I  hope you’ve been enjoying my recent posts about personal experiences in Japan and hope it provides a slice of Japanese life. While I’ve been suggesting donating to the American Red Cross to support recovery efforts in Japan, I’d like to share information from fellow travel blogger Todd of Todd’s Wanderings. He’s initiated Blog4Japan for […]

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Culinary Travel Snapshots Solo with Others

Wordless Wednesday: Flavors of Japan

Food is an important part of travel and during my Fall 2004 trip to Japan, I certainly had my fair share of common and odd bites. Following is a snapshot of my culinary journey through Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures.

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Seeing Monkeys in Japan’s Hell’s Valley

Landing in Japan, my traveling companion Matt and I were on a mission. Forget majestic Mt. Fuji and the sacred Buddhist temples. We wanted to see the Japanese Macaque monkeys of Hell’s Valley.

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Making Friends in Hamamatsu, Japan
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Facing Uncomfortable Questions in Hamamatsu

My days were spent learning about Hamamatsu’s government and economy while evenings were spent with my hostess in her piano bar. The dim-lit bar was warm and cozy, accented with Western European influences. A mural of a French castle was the backdrop behind the Yamaha grand piano.

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History Lesson in the Sky with DAV’s B-25 Bomber

My stomach flipped as the Disabled Americans Veterans‘ B-25 Mitchell Bomber began climbing into the Florida sky. I sat in the back of the plane looking out the window and watched as buildings, cars and boats shrunk as we ascended. Earmuffs protected my ears from the engine’s outlandishly loud roar and the only means of […]

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Losing My Body Fat in Japan

Friends told me I would lose weight in Japan, thinking my palate wouldn’t tolerate raw fish and other new tastes. As I lay on the medical-like table with the lower half of my body snuggly fit into a long, nylon bag, I realized they were right. I spent an afternoon in the city of Shizuoka […]

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#JapanLife – Raising Awareness 3/27 – 4/2

Today marks the first day of #JapanLife and through April 2, bloggers and Twitterers will be sharing experiences about Japan in an effort to raise awareness about the country and support recovery efforts following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Join the conversation on Twitter using the #JapnLife. You can donate to the Red Cross […]

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Florida Fun Snapshots

Wordless Wednesday: Emerald Nights in Miami, Fla.

Friday night I attended the Transplant Foundation’s fundraising event called Emerald Nights. The event took place at Miami’s Jungle Island and although I met some fun people, the critters were the evening’s highlight. Okay, I met some great people and enjoyed some tasty food, too. Thanks to my Uncle for inviting me – he was […]

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Guest Post: Tasting Beauty in Matakana, NZ

I’m delighted to share this guest post by Craig Martin who has submitted this story as part of the #blog4NZ campaign, letting you know New Zealand is open after the Christchurch earthquake. Find more New Zealand stories on the Blog4NZ Facebook page. Tasting Beauty in Matakana, New Zealand There’s a magic moment when you know […]

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