Month: March 2017

Flowers in Mexico, Nov. 2008
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With Jim Beam in Hand and a Tiara on My Head, Rest in Peace

“What’s it like LIVING in a national park?” is usually the second question people ask after asking, “What is your favorite national park?” when they learn I spent 10 years living and working in America’s crown jewels. “It’s like living with family,” is my response, because it is.

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with the Butler County Donut Trail in Ohio.
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Things to do in Ohio: Butler County Donut Trail

My foodie nose found a “magically delicious” trail and I’m adding it to my list of things to do in Ohio. It’s called the Butler County Donut Trail.

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Featured Florida Fun

Riding the Waves in Englewood, Florida

These speedy little gems are offered by Riding the Waves located at Skip’s Marina on Placida Road in Englewood where guided tours are offered.

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Radcliff Snuggled with Me During Post-Surgery Recovery.
About Me

March 2017: What Has Solo Travel Girl Been Up To?

Hey everybody! In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been around lately. But I’ve been active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So, here’s the lowdown as to what Solo Travel Girl has been up to…

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