Month: September 2010

Solo with Others

Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba from 71 Feet Above

Despite the sturdiness of a metal grate, a strip of black carpet outlining the way, and fellow bloggers standing atop it demonstrating its strength, I had little faith as I walked out and over more than 70 feet above Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba stage. *Gulp* About an inch-thick metal grate stood between me and […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Panhandling Cranes

Not sure about you but I’m thinking the recession has created more panhandlers over the years. I ran into two of them at the 7-Eleven at ChampionsGate yesterday. This week’s Wordless Wednesday comes in the form of a video. Enjoy!

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Cool Stuff Others are Doing Nature Travel

Nov. 6 is Great VISIT FLORIDA Beach Walk

Not sure about you but I’m ready to put misconceptions about the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill’s impact (or lack of) on Florida’s beaches behind and move forward. In an effort to show the world the Sunshine State’s fantabulous beaches, the “Great VISIT FLORIDA Beach Walk” will happen Saturday, November 6, 2010, on Florida’s 825 miles […]

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Fuzzies, Gadgets & Stuff

Be Cool Networking Using Squiz Cards

Business cards have, and always will be, a must when it comes to marketing a business. Even though new technology and the internet has led to many new, digital forms of marketing, you just have to take a look at companies like Arbonne to see the impact that business cards can have on the branding […]

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Solo Travel

Free Culture on Smithsonian’s Museum Day

Today was the 6th Annual Museum Day hosted by Smithsonian Media which meant participating museums across the country offered free admission for two people. I opted to revisit the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota and see what’s new since my last visit, which I can’t recall when that was. Plus, I […]

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Fuzzies, Gadgets & Stuff

Disneynature’s OCEANS on DVD, Blu-ray Oct. 19

Don’t you wish you could travel through the sea? I don’t mean on the water but in and through the water? Kinda like the Incredible Mr. Limpet? The folks at Disneynature are making it a little easier to see what happens beneath the water with OCEANS. Earth Day 2010 the film debuted in movie theaters. […]

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Florida Fun Snapshots

Wordless Wednesday: Gymnastics Gold!

I really was hoping to have an article posted about two-time Olympic gold medal gymnast Shannon Miller’s appearance at Art of the Olympians(Fort Myers, Fla.) last Friday but alas, time has been a beast. Enjoy these snapshots of the Olympian turned entrepreneur and mom. Added Sept. 23, 2010: Gold Medalist Shannon Miller Launched New Exhibit […]

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Win Weekly Adventure Prizes from Idaho

Idaho is so underrated, overshadowed by states as Montana, Wyoming and Washington but it has bunches to offer ranging from adventure to relaxation. To demonstrate all there is to do, the Idaho Department of Tourism, with assistance from their tourism industry partners, brought a family of four into the Gem State on a 10-day, 2,200 […]

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Politics Solo Travel

D.C.-Bound for Rally to Restore Sanity

Should a travel blog be used to engage readers in the political process? Christopher Elliott presented during The Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando last weekend and said something to the effect of it is the blogger’s responsibility to encourage readers to participate in the democratic process and specifically, to get them to vote. He didn’t […]

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Cool Stuff Others are Doing Disclosure

Look Rad-eye-nt with Naturopathica Eye Serum

I’ve been nonchalant about taking care of my skin but since I turned 40 this year, I know I need a little help in defying Mother Nature. Over the past few years though, I have used eye creams to tighten those little lines and reduce the tired look when I’ve been short on sleep. Products […]

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