Be Cool Networking Using Squiz Cards

Attach Squiz Card Key Chain and Never Be Without Cardsopens IMAGE file

Attach Squiz Cards Key Chain and Never Be Without Cards

Business cards have, and always will be, a must when it comes to marketing a business. Even though new technology and the internet has led to many new, digital forms of marketing, you just have to take a look at companies like Arbonne to see the impact that business cards can have on the branding of a business. Business cards have always played a massive role in helping businesses grow and generate working relationships that are mutually beneficial. In fact, many people find that they are integral to helping a business idea to grow. Something like a video business card can really help give a consolidated understanding of your business in an efficient manner. If you’re like me, you’re always handing out business cards. And if you’re also like me, you sometimes don’t have your cards handy or, they’re at the bottom of the purse all bent up. There have been many times when I end up at a networking event and need to hand out my card. With one hand holding a glass of wine or plate of food, I have to dig through my purse to find my cards. Not cool.

Here’s where opens in a new windowSquiz Cards come into play. They are miniature, waterproof business cards dispensed from a plastic key chain.

Can you say AWESOME???

I took advantage of a promotion for a free set of 50 cards and dispenser about two weeks ago and yesterday the cards were waiting in my mailbox.

Squiz Cards & Key Chain Arrived in a Sturdy Boxopens IMAGE file

Squiz Cards & Key Chain Arrived in a Sturdy Box

They came in a cool box and ready to use. I slipped on the ring, clipped it to my purse and ready to network with cool cards! Space on the card is somewhat limited – which is fine with me – and I was able to add four lines of contact information including my name.

Press Down and Slide Out Squiz Cardopens IMAGE file

Press Down and Slide Out Squiz Card

I chose to upload the banner from my website as my logo for the card. opens in a new windowSquiz Cards has several templates to choose from if you don’t have a logo or photo you want to use.

Squiz Cards Key Chainopens IMAGE file

Back of Squiz Cards Key Chain

Can you see the photos? Aren’t my Squiz Cards cool???

Here are deets on the cards:
Size: 2-2/8″ x 1-2/8″ with round corners and waterproof.
A pack of 50 cards with a dispenser is $17.95.
Order at opens in a new
Ship worldwide within 2 weeks.



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