Month: September 2020

Budget Travel with Discounted Rates at Red Roof Through 2020.
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Budget Travel with Red Roof Discounts Through 2020

Are you comfortable traveling? If so, here’s a budget travel tip, Red Roof is offering discounted rates through the end of 2020. Read on for details…

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Gopher Tortoises are Keystone Species in Florida
Featured Florida Fun Nature Travel

What to do When You See a Gopher Tortoise in Florida

What do you do when you see a gopher tortoise in Florida? The first thing is to congratulate yourself because seeing one is a special experience. Here are other reasons why.

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Will the Gold Ticket Look Like This?
Cool Stuff Others are Doing Culinary Travel Featured

I Bought an Entry into the Candyman’s Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt. Now What?

I think we can all agree, 2020 is a weird, strange year. This is why I did not hesitate spending $49.98 to buy an entry into the Candyman’s Gold Ticket treasure hunt. So now what?

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Porter Brothers' Store Ruins in Historic Rhyolite, a Ghost Town in Nevada, July 2019.
Featured Solo Travel

Things to do in Nevada: Historic Rhyolite Ghost Town

One of the cool things to do in Nevada is visiting historic Rhyolite, a ghost town. Complete with building ruins and a bottle house!

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Beer at the Popular Buffalo Bar, Founding Fathers Pub
Culinary Travel Featured

Best Bars in Buffalo, N.Y.

The older I get, the cooler my Western New York hometown seems to get. During a visit home, these are the best bars in Buffalo, N.Y. , I experienced.

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A Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchling Heads into the Gulf of Mexico from Englewood Beach, Fla
Featured Florida Fun Nature Travel

Sea Turtle Patrol with Volunteers on Englewood Beach

Each morning between mid-April through October, Coastal Wildlife Club Sea Patrol volunteers walk Charlotte County’s beaches looking for new sea turlte nests or hatchings.

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