I Bought an Entry into the Candyman’s Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt. Now What?

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Post updated Oct. 25, 2020

I think we can all agree, 2020 is a weird, strange year. This is why I didn’t hesitate spending $49.98 to buy an entry into the Candyman’s Gold Ticket treasure hunt. So now what?

As a kid, I loved reading. My top favorites were opens in a new window“The Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, opens in a new window“Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White, and opens in a new window“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” by Roald Dahl. I also adored the accompanying television show and movies, respectively.

David Klein, affectionately known as The Candyman, is excited to announce his worldwide treasure hunt.
David Klein, affectionately known as The Candyman, is excited to announce his worldwide treasure hunt. Credit: opens in a new windowTricky Treasures

David Klein, the Real-Life Willy Wonka

I recently read how opens in a new windowThe Jelly Belly (r) jelly bean founder would be giving away one of his candy factories in a gold ticket treasure hunt. The little girl in me was giddy with excitement! Could my childhood dreams come true? Could I be the real, modern-day Charlie Bucket?

The literary world has Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The real world has David Klein, The Jelly Belly founder. He is affectionally known as The Candyman and watch the documentary, opens in a new window“Candyman: The David Klein Story” to learn more about him.

The Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt!

According to the opens in a new windowpress release announcing the candy factory give away, “Gold Tickets are being hidden worldwide for you to find.” Rather than under candy bar wrappers, gold tickets are in the form of necklaces. Klein and his partner are hiding them in each of the 50 states in places “with an interesting story.”

The finder of a Gold Ticket (necklace) will receive something. The release states “each treasure hunt is valued at $5,000” which makes me think, one Gold Ticket may NOT be worth $5,000 as the release states there will be “multiple treasure hunts for these gold tickets in each state.” There are probably more than one Gold Ticket with different values per state. However, the website states “winners will receive $5,000.”

After all states have had a chance to play, all treasure hunt participants will be eligible to join in on the search for The Ultimate Treasure, which will be the key to one of his candy shops, which is in Florida and no, Oompa Loompas are NOT included. Plus, they will receive an all-expenses paid trip to a candy-making university to learn the art.

Maybe the Gold Ticket Will Look Like This.

What’s the Catch?

The catch to participate? To be eligible for a treasure – if you find a Gold Ticket – it costs $49.98 $50 plus processing fee to participate. This provides access to opens in a new windowThe Gold Ticket website, which has been updated since this original post, where the riddle for the clue will be released, and when you purchase a registration, you’re eligible to win the treasure.

So, my adventurous spirit decided to play. Heck, I’ve spent $50 on less useful or entertaining things. If anything, I’ll have some sort of experience, either an awesome road trip adventure or life lesson.

Each state is limited to 1,000 participants and Florida was sold out when I went to purchase my spot the evening of Sept. 8, 2020. But, I was able to secure a spot in the opens in a new windowGeorgia treasure hunt. Georgia will be the first state treasure hunt and it kicks off Sept. 30, 2020. Considering all that’s been happening in my life, it works out well that Florida is sold out and Georgia is available.

Scam or Legit?

The Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt could be a scam. I mean, when you do the math, with 1,000 spaces available per each state at $49.98 each, that’s about $2.5 million Klein is pocketing. But, I don’t think it’s a scam but a clever way to market his next invention, whatever that may be. Or, he could just be someone who enjoys treasure hunts, puzzles, and riddles. When you visit his opens in a new windowTricky Treasures website, you’ll see his appreciation for riddles.

If anything, we need this treasure hunt to inspire more joy, goodness, and hope in the world.

Follow opens in a new windowThe Gold Ticket on YouTube for updates and join the opens in a new windowpublic The Gold Ticket Facebook group. His other sweet businesses are opens in a new windowSpectrum Confections, the makers of hemp derived CBD jelly beans, and Candyman Kitchens.

Visit opens in a new windowTheGoldTicket.com for official rules and purchase your participation.

As for me, I have some planning to do!

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