Month: June 2014

Find One-of-a-Kind Treasures at Black Dog Salvage, as Seen on the Reality TV Show "Salvage Dawgs" in Roanoke, Va.
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Finding Old School Treasures and Pop Culture at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, Virginia

Given the choice of thrifting at a flea market or visiting a shopping mall, I’ll always choose the former. I was in my element browsing the aisles and piles of Black Dog Salvage during my spring visit to Roanoke, Va., seeking a treasure with personality to add to my home.

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This Girl in Guatemala Can Hold Her Own #LikeAGirl
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Help Boost Girls’ Confidence By Sharing What You Do #LikeAGirl

You can help boost girls’ confidence just by sharing what you do like a girl. Have you seen the Always #LikeAGirl video yet? Go do it. Now.

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Hotel Carpeting Doesn't Make a Swell Ironing Board
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What Have You Damaged in a Hotel Room?

What have you damaged in a hotel room?? If it hasn’t happened to you already, someday it will. Oh, trust me.

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Former First Lady Bush and Daughter Barbara Pierce Bush Speak During AARP's Life@50+ in Boston, May 9, 2014
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How Global Travel Influenced Barbara Pierce Bush and Now She’s Changing the World

Sitting down with her mother Laura Bush and journalist Soledad O’Brien, Barbara Pierce Bush spoke to the AARP Life@50+ Boston audience earlier this spring discussing how being a president’s daughter shaped her life.

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Soledad O'Brien Interviews Former First Lady Laura Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush During AARP Life@50+ in Boston, Mass., May 9, 2014
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Former First Lady Laura Bush on Civility, Life After the White House During AARP Life@50+

Former First Lady Laura Bush and her daughter Barbara Pierce Bush addressed civility and life after the White House during AARP Life@50+ in Boston this spring

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Buffalo, As Seen by Google
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Have You Been Photographed by Google Street View?

Have you been photographed by Google Street View? I haven’t but my dad has and although the image was taken in August 2011, today was the first day I saw him in the image.

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Boston is Gorgeous in Springtime. The City Hosted AARP Life@50+ in May 2014.
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Ways to Save on Travel with Your AARP Membership

Are you saving on travel with your AARP Membership? I left AARP Life@50+ in Boston this spring AMAZED at not only the travel discounts but the value AARP Members receive.

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Glassblower Seth Hendrick with Sunspots Studios Helped Me Create a Beautiful Glass Ornament, Staunton, Va.
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Putting My Hot Air to Work With Glassblowing in Staunton, Va.

I huffed and puffed yet didn’t inhale while putting my hot air to work during a glassblowing session at Sunspots Studios in Staunton, Va. Receiving a consultation with a glassblower was like having a consultation with my hairstylist.

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Storm Clouds Rolling Out Over Sarasota, Fla.
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Delta’s Corporate Policy Delayed My Surprise and I Have the T-Shirt to Prove It

Guilt is one of my Catholic battle scars that will always stay with me. My Mom turned 70 years old this spring and due to prior commitments, I wasn’t able to attend the surprise party my family planned.

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As in Any City, Stay Alert and Aware of Your Surroundings, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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INFOGRAPHIC: Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling to Brazil for the World Cup

All eyes are on Brazil this week as the country welcomes the world to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and in two years, Rio de Janeiro will play host to the Summer Olympic Games. If you’re one of the estimated 3.7 million people traveling to Brazil, remember in all the thrilling excitement to take time to play it safe in Brazil.

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