AARP 2014 Life@50+ National Event and Expo

Former First Lady Bush and Daughter Barbara Pierce Bush Speak During AARP's Life@50+ in Boston, May 9, 2014
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How Global Travel Influenced Barbara Pierce Bush and Now She’s Changing the World

Sitting down with her mother Laura Bush and journalist Soledad O’Brien, Barbara Pierce Bush spoke to the AARP Life@50+ Boston audience earlier this spring discussing how being a president’s daughter shaped her life.

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My Grandpa B. Served in WWII with the Coast Guard
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Research Family Heritage on then Plan Your Vacation

I recently read an article about what’s on people’s travel bucket list and “researching family heritage” was one of the top activities. Rather than visiting a travel planning site during your first step in planning a family heritage trip, give a try. You may be surprised by what you find.

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Boston is the Location for AARP Spring 2014 Life@50+ National Event and Expo, May 8 - 10
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AARP 2014 Life@50+ National Event and Expo in Boston, May 8 – 10

Next month I’ll get a bigger taste of what’s in store for me in the next chapter of my life as I join thousands of others attending the AARP 2014 Life@50+ National Event and Expo in Boston, May 8 – 10.

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