Month: August 2009

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Confession of an Irresponsible Traveler

I like to think of myself as a good person and responsible traveler but here’s a confession: I’m not. Sure, I’ve chastised litterbugs and those molesting animals in national parks and even gave my food to a homeless man but my irresponsible tourism blunder happened during my 2006 trip to Kabul. For those who know, […]

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Solo with Others

Video: Scalloping in Citrus County, Florida

Christopher Elliott spoke at TBEX last month about using video and when he speaks I (and everyone else) listen because he’s the guru in travel social media – among his other talents. He said he experimented with video lengths and found 30-second videos were the most popular so here’s my go around at a 30-second […]

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Cleaning Floirda Scallops
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Snorkeling for Scallops in Homosassa Springs, Fla.

During Florida’s scallop season hiring a Crystal River or Homosassa guide makes snorkeling for and collecting sweet bay scallops easy. Florida’s sweet bay scallops are a delicious treat and available for harvest during a short time each summer. Citrus County, specifically Crystal River and Homosassa, is a bountiful and popular destination for scalloping. Anyone can collect scallops on their own but hiring a professional guide makes the experience easy.

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Nature Travel

I’ve Got an Everlgades Exotic Snake Story, Too

Feeling left out of all the recent conversation about exotic snakes invading the Everglades and Florida, I’d like to share a blog post I wrote in July 2007 about an almost-domesticated-python found in an employee dorm room in Everglades National Park. Okay, the snake wasn’t initially found in the dorm room, two employees put it […]

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Fuzzies, Gadgets & Stuff

BlueAvocado Reusable Grocery Bag Discount

I’m continuing to share lovely discounts gathered from BlogHer ’09 and here’s a sweet deal from BlueAvocado and their gro-pak, the collapsible, reusable grocery bag system. BlueAvocado is  a women-owned, women-powered business. Founders Paige Davis and Melissa Nathan (pictured) were on hand at the BlogHer conference promoting their fashionable and practical totes which range from […]

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This Ain’t Your Momma’s PB&J

Traveling through Detroit Metro Airport last week I needed some grub to fill my tummy for lunch. Having three hours to kill between connections, I utilized my time by wandering the terminal in search of the perfect lunch and found it at PB&J  serving gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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Solo Travel

Cold French Fries: Can Beggars Be Choosers?

Last Saturday evening was spent roaming the streets of Chicago before heading to the BlogHer CheeseburgHer Party. My intent was to experience dinner at Ed Debevick’s, evidently a popular place with tourists since I saw many wandering the Chicago streets with Ed’s paper caps. This was reinforced upon finding the 50s-style diner and the line […]

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