Month: March 2018

Some of the Eclectic Art in the Airbnb I Stayed in Berlin, Germany, March 2018
Solo Travel

My Airbnb in Berlin Was Eclectic and Awesome!

I don’t say this lightly but my Airbnb in Berlin, Germany, was eclectic and awesome! This was my first Airbnb experience (and you’ll hear more about that in another post) and I’m thrilled to report it was a positive one.

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A Birdhouse at ECHO Global Farm in North Fort Myers, Fla. The Organization is Included in 100 Things to do in Fort Myers & Sanibel Before You Die by Nancy Hamilton.
Florida Fun Travel Resources

Florida Travel: Vacation in Fort Myers & Sanibel Like a Pro

Sometimes, the best kept secrets are right under our noses. I have lived in Florida for more than 20 years and have explored this state from top to bottom from Pensacola to Dry Tortugas and everywhere in between. Yet, every day I am learning something new about the Sunshine State. I’m guessing there are thousands […]

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A Little Girl Fishing From the Skyway Fishing Pier.
Florida Fun Nature Travel

Outdoorswoman Journal: Southwest Florida Fishing Resources for Female Anglers

Share what you know and living in Southwest Florida, here are a few fishing resources to help female anglers gain confidence and get out on the water to catch the big one. Or at least, reel in their first catch.

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That's Me! It's Pure Joy Watching the Dogs Play During the Airbnb Experience in Berlin - Walk with the Dog-Whisperer. Thank YouThomas Dornbusch of Hunde-Mobil for the Photo and Walk!
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Things to do in Berlin: Walking in the Woods with a Pack of Dogs

A walk in a German forest with a man and his pack of dogs sounds like the beginning of a Lifetime movie and not necessarily the one with a happy ending. Meeting a man I have never met in a forest, in another country really seems like a bad idea. Add to that 15 dogs I never met and it seems like an even worse idea. Doing this goes against all common sense as a solo traveler. But, this is one of the things I did in Berlin and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life!

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Kelly Diedring Harris, Owner of Goat Yoga Tampa, snaps a photo of Jessica Larsen-Chaney, Laura Quade, and Amy Gallaher of Land O' Lakes after a session of goat yoga at In The Loop Brewing.
Featured Florida Fun Health & Beauty

Goats. Yoga. Beer. Yup. Together They are a Thing with Goat Yoga Tampa

My goat yoga experience was like my in-home Pilates workouts. At home, when I lay down to begin the workout, my 45-pound dog jumps on my stomach thinking it is playtime. Similarly, during goat yoga, while on my back about to begin a magical yoga pose, a 40-pound goat jumped on my stomach. The difference […]

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