Day: March 17, 2018

That's Me! It's Pure Joy Watching the Dogs Play During the Airbnb Experience in Berlin - Walk with the Dog-Whisperer. Thank YouThomas Dornbusch of Hunde-Mobil for the Photo and Walk!
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Things to do in Berlin: Walking in the Woods with a Pack of Dogs

A walk in a German forest with a man and his pack of dogs sounds like the beginning of a Lifetime movie and not necessarily the one with a happy ending. Meeting a man I have never met in a forest, in another country really seems like a bad idea. Add to that 15 dogs I never met and it seems like an even worse idea. Doing this goes against all common sense as a solo traveler. But, this is one of the things I did in Berlin and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life!

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