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I've finished eight moths on Mounjaro to manage by Type 2 Diabetes. Here are five things I wish I knew before taking Mounjaro for my Type 2 Diabetes.
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Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Taking Mounjaro

I’ve finished eight moths on Mounjaro to manage by Type 2 Diabetes. Here are five things I wish I knew before taking Mounjaro for my Type 2 Diabetes.

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Mounjaro: What a difference a year makes!
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My Three-Month Journey Using Mounjaro for Type 2 Diabetes & Unexpected Weight Loss

I’ve been living with Type 2 Diabetes for years and three months ago, I started taking Mounjaro to manage my diabetes. After 12 weeks, I’ve lost more than 30 pounds. Is Mounjaro a weight loss solution?

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Bottle of Nature's Bounty Sleep Jelly Beans and Coupon.
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Fighting Pandemic Insomnia with Nature’s Bounty Jelly Bean Vitamins

A quick Google search sets me at ease when I discover I’m not the only one with pandemic insomnia. Lately, I’ve been having sweet dreams with Nature’s Bounty Jelly Bean vitamins.

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Kelly Diedring Harris, Owner of Goat Yoga Tampa, snaps a photo of Jessica Larsen-Chaney, Laura Quade, and Amy Gallaher of Land O' Lakes after a session of goat yoga at In The Loop Brewing.
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Goats. Yoga. Beer. Yup. Together They are a Thing with Goat Yoga Tampa

My goat yoga experience was like my in-home Pilates workouts. At home, when I lay down to begin the workout, my 45-pound dog jumps on my stomach thinking it is playtime. Similarly, during goat yoga, while on my back about to begin a magical yoga pose, a 40-pound goat jumped on my stomach. The difference […]

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Disaster Hair Don’t Care. How I Tamed My Hurricane Irma Mane.

Following Hurricane Irma, I realized disaster hair don’t care and I learned to tame my wild locks.

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Good Footwear for Hiking and Toilet Paper Are Some of My Camping Essentials.
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Solo Travel Girl’s 6 Practical Camping Essentials List

Summer’s here which means most of the United States can finally get outside to spend quality time with family and Mother Nature. I say most because here in Florida, we’re fortunate to be able to play outdoors year-round. Ready to rev up your RV, pop up your tent or set sail on your catamaran? From DEET-free bug repellent to toilet paper, following are my 6 practical camping essentials list.

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My Dog Radcliff Chilling on Flagler Beach. #LoveRadcliff
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What I Learned from Adopting a Dog from the Pet Shelter

If you are considering making a commitment to welcoming a canine into your home, I’d like to share what I learned from adopting a dog from the pet shelter because I was under the impression adopting a dog from a pet shelter was less expensive than getting one from a dog breeder.

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Florida International Air Show Visitors Can Get Up Close with Historic Aircraft
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Solo Travel Girl’s Adventures Near & Far: Ep. 2

During Episode 2 of Solo Travel Girl’s Adventures Near & Far on WKDW Radio, 97.5 FM, I spoke with the Florida International Air Show (Oct. 21 – 23) and Kelley Higney, founder of the Bug Bite Thing,.

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The Best Essential Oils Blends I Use When Traveling
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5 Best Essential Oils Blends I Travel With

Since January of this year, I have been incorporating essential oils into my daily life and these are the five best essential oils blends I travel with.

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Travel to a Blue Zone, Ikaria, Greece to Discover Keys to Longevity.
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Travel to a Blue Zone in Greece to Discover Keys to Longevity

Looking for an October getaway and the secrets to living longer? Travel to a Blue Zone in Greece to discover keys to longevity. Blue Zones recently launched Adventure Travel Tours and will be offering two, 7-day trips to Ikaria, one of the five Blue Zones discovered by Dan Buettner, a National Geographic fellow.

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