A Solo Travel Girl Is: Vivacious, Vibrant and a Vagabond

Thursday, April 25, is Brought to You by the Letter “V”

Thursday, April 25, is Brought to You by the Letter “V”

From A to Z, what are the characteristics of a solo travel girl? This adventurous vixen is vivacious, vibrant and a vagabond!

Vivacious and Vibrant– True, there are times she’s an introvert but the STG is a sugar-coated ray of sunshine full of life, vim and vigor. Excitement and energy pulsate through her veins, whether from the thrill of stepping foot in a new land, trying an innovative entrée or planning her next most excellent adventure.

A Vagabond – By nature she’s a wanderer and likes to roam around, but while Dion visits one girl after another during his journeys, this ambling babe is comfortable exploring town after town alone, not lonely.

Are you a solo travel girl? What other qualities beginning with the letter “V” can be attributed to a solo travel girl?

This post is part of the 2013 Blogging A to Z Challenge.


Author: Solo Travel Girl Admin

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., a hiking trail led Jennifer Huber, aka: Solo Travel Girl, to a career path in tourism. She has worked in the tourism industry for more than 20 years including 10 years with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley and Everglades National Park. She currently lives in Southwest Florida, and maintains this travel blog with the goal of inspiring others to travel alone, not lonely.

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  1. I’m definitely a vagabond girl

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