Month: May 2017

A Statue of Alan Sheppard, the First American in Space, Welcomes Visitors into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
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I Met a Rocket Man at Heroes and Legends at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

“One of my heroes was John Glenn. My mother let me play hooky from school to watch his mission. And the drama and the class with which he performed that mission was really neat,“ rocket man Jerry L. Ross told me when I asked the hero who his hero was.

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That's Me! At the Gun Range Firing a Handgun for the First Time. With Female Firearms Training Trainer Shirley King, Port Charlotte, Fla., April 29, 2017
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Firearms Training and My First Trip to a Gun Range in Port Charlotte, Fla.

“Don’t put your finger on the trigger. Cross your thumbs. Hold it steady. Don’t be scared. There’s nothing to fear,” were the thoughts running through my mind as I picked up a loaded handgun at a gun range in Port Charlotte, Fla.

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STOP! In the Name of Security. I Was Too Afraid to Snap a Photo at the Entrance to the Manhattan Project, This Display is at the American Museum of Science and Energy. , Oak Ridge, Tennessee, May 5, 2017.
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The Manhattan Project: Visiting Tennessee’s Secret City. Kind Of.

“Ma’am, I will just run your license through the system to see if you’re one of the people allowed in,” the federal officer with the Department of Energy told me. I was at the entrance to the Manhattan Project in Tennessee’s Secret City.

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