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The Good Karma HoneyBee BnB in the Jacksonville Area
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Hello Reel Talk Radio Listeners!

If you found me from my appearance on Reel Talk Radio hosted by Capt. Debbie Hanson, hello and welcome! Following are links making solo travel and outdoor adventures easier and topics we discuss on the show.

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Where Will You Travel Once the Pandemic's Over?
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Why You Should be Planning Now for a Solo Trip After the Pandemic

Releasing a travel book during a pandemic may seem fruitless. However, you should be planning now for a solo trip after the pandemic. Here are the reasons why.

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Since 1996, Nevada SR 375 Has Been Called the Extraterrestrial Highway, because of numerous UFO sightings. #ETHwy
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Nevada Travel: Driving the Extraterrestrial Highway

I drove the 98.4-mile long Nevada State Route 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway. Why? I am curious about the Area 51 mystique.

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Some of the Eclectic Art in the Airbnb I Stayed in Berlin, Germany, March 2018
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My Airbnb in Berlin Was Eclectic and Awesome!

I don’t say this lightly but my Airbnb in Berlin, Germany, was eclectic and awesome! This was my first Airbnb experience (and you’ll hear more about that in another post) and I’m thrilled to report it was a positive one.

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Sure, Traveling Alone Makes Photos of Myself a Little Challenging, But I Love the Empowerment of Traveling Solo.
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Tips for Traveling Solo for the First Time

Blogging is about sharing what you know, right? Following are my tips for traveling solo for the first time.

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Christmas Light Canal Cruise with King Fisher Fleet and Banana Bay Tour Company, Punta Gorda, Fla., Dec. 2014
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Inspiring a Reader to Travel Alone While AARP Offers Tips for Solo Travel

You have no idea how a much it means to me when someone tells me I’ve inspired them. Solo Travel Girl is meant to inspire others to travel alone, not lonely and Friday night, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my blog readers who has become a friend. Sherri from Canada […]

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Tune it Up, Map it Out: 7 Tips for a Solo Road Trip

Solo travel is empowering, thrilling and sometimes a little scary but there is nothing I enjoy more than a road trip. Hitting the road alone allows me to create my own adventure, but if you’re more into group road trips, then knock yourself out. In fact, my brother recently went on a road trip to […]

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My Top 10 Travel Adventures of the Decade

My new passport arrived last week. It’s so clean and empty. A decade has passed since I received my first passport- yeah, I didn’t get one until I was 30 years-old – and thumbing through brought back all sorts of memories. As 2011 comes rushing in, I have a few trips planned for the upcoming […]

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My Top 5 Travel Adventures of 2010

It’s true. The older you get the faster time flies and such was the case with 2010. Over the past year, I had some amazing experiences and opportunities but here are my top 5 travel adventures of 2010. Hope you enjoy this amble down memory lane.

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Confession of an Irresponsible Traveler

I like to think of myself as a good person and responsible traveler but here’s a confession: I’m not. Sure, I’ve chastised litterbugs and those molesting animals in national parks and even gave my food to a homeless man but my irresponsible tourism blunder happened during my 2006 trip to Kabul. For those who know, […]

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