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Workers Getting Ready to Harvest Honey from these Bee Hives
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Scariest Thing I Did in 2013 Was…

I wholeheartedly believe being a little scared brings out the best in a person. With the end of 2013 I’m looking back and remembering an incredible year. I traveled to three continents , met inspiring and good people, and emotionally grew by pushing personal boundaries.

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Random Window in Dingle, Ireland
Culinary Travel Disclosure Featured

Embracing My Family Heritage through Ireland’s Food

Attending the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) conference in Dublin was my cover for traveling to Ireland earlier this month but it was my family roots driving my decision to learn more about my heritage. Honestly, I didn’t spend time finding my family roots or chasing branches up my family tree but I did connect with my heritage through tasting the flavors of traditional and new Ireland.

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Day Trip from Dublin: The Wild Wicklow Tour is a Must

Viewing Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains for the first time was magical. Translucent clouds hovered over the rounded peaks and the surrounding landscape was carpeted in hues of green, gold, auburn and purple intensified by a little Irish rain. I literally gasped seeing this picturesque scenery as it didn’t seem real but indeed, it’s very much real.

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Roaming Around (and Dodging Raindrops) in Dublin, Ireland

Since landing late yesterday morning I’ve been roaming around, and dodging raindrops, in Dublin. The TBEX conference (Travel Blog Exchange) has led me to the Emerald Isle but an affinity to my Irish heritage brought me here a couple days in advance so I can explore. Being here is like getting a warm hug from my grandmother, even though today was a little damp.

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