Day: December 30, 2013

Workers Getting Ready to Harvest Honey from these Bee Hives
About Me Featured Florida Fun Grab Bag Life Lessons

Scariest Thing I Did in 2013 Was…

I wholeheartedly believe being a little scared brings out the best in a person. With the end of 2013 I’m looking back and remembering an incredible year. I traveled to three continents , met inspiring and good people, and emotionally grew by pushing personal boundaries.

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I Love Visiting Worden Farm in Punta Gorda, Fla., Each Week to Pick Out and Pick My Organic Veggies
Featured Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty: I Gave Myself the Gift of Health this Christmas with a #StepsToWellness Journey

I gave myself the best gift I could possibly give this year. The gift of health. Being a codependent, workaholic means I put the needs of others before my own. For most of my working adult life I’ve put work ahead of my health. I used it as an excuse to skip the gym and constantly ate fast food because I devoted lunches to working at my desk rather than prepare lunches at home and bring them to work. I used business trips as an excuse to try the most outrageous, gooey meals possible.

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