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Scariest Thing I Did in 2013 Was…

I wholeheartedly believe being a little scared brings out the best in a person. With the end of 2013 I’m looking back and remembering an incredible year. I traveled to three continents , met inspiring and good people, and emotionally grew by pushing personal boundaries.

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Travel to Brazil: Rio de Janeiro in the Blink of an Eye

Sleep? Who needs sleep when you’re in another country for two nights? Or, another continent in this case. Another business trip had me traveling to Rio de Janeiro last week and my on-the-ground time was three days and two nights with most of that time devoted to business meetings.

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Culinary Travel Girlfriend Getaway

Learn How to Prepare a Brazilian Meal with Cook in Rio

The saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” can also apply to travelers. The way to understand a culture is by learning how to cook and eat like the locals. My trip to Rio de Janeiro in October included the usual tourist sites including a visit up Corcovado Mountain to get […]

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In the Can: Travel’s Not-So-Pretty Side

All the cool kids seem to be doing it. Justin Bieber did it in September. Lady Gaga did it multiple times while in Spain. There’s no reason I should be ashamed of my, um, “performance” Saturday night at the Rio de Janeiro Airport and at a cruising altitude of 30,000+ feet.

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