Travel to Toronto: Scared of the CN Tower’s Glass Floor

The CN Tower Attempted to Conquer Me, But I Won
The CN Tower Attempted to Conquer Me, But I Won

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” I’m not sure what level of scary Eleanor Roosevelt intended but while in Toronto this week, I did something I didn’t realize I was afraid to do. Please don’t think less of me with this confession. I was on the verge of peeing my pants and crying in fear as I walked across the Glass Floor when visiting the CN Tower.

Why Was I So Afraid? It's 2.5-inch Glass!
Why Was I So Afraid? It’s 2.5-inch Glass!

The CN Tower’s Glass Floor Really, Really Scared Me
What was the big deal? Glass panels offer a clear view of the ground below which is 1,122 feet (342m) straight down. Let me repeat, 1,122 feet STRAIGHT DOWN. The only thing separating me from plunging to my death was 2.5 inches of glass. Do you know how thick (or thin) that is???

I really had no idea I was a tad acrophobic until I attempted to walk across the floor panels. I saw others doing it but each time I stepped atop the glass, my body froze, stomach sank, eyes welled with tears and I really needed to visit the restroom. I lingered around for about 15 minutes before trying to muster up the courage when a non-English speaking tour group rushed in. Without a care in the world, they took turns sitting and laying down on the glass in order to pose for those precious photos.

She Just Jumped and Jumped and Jumped
She Just Jumped and Jumped and Jumped

If They Can Do It…
Then, the woman responsible for cleaning these windows to the ground walked out to the middle of one panel and jumped up and down while smiling. She was definitely having a great time and showed no fear. That was one brave lady!

If all of them could do it, I rationed, so could I! I think. Really. Oh, boy…


I took a literal gulp before taking that first step (seriously, why was I having such a difficult time doing this?) and quickly walked across five of the 20 panels and felt the proverbial adrenaline rush.

I Did It! I Walked Across the CN Tower's Glass Floor!
I Did It! I Walked Across the CN Tower’s Glass Floor!

Wow! I did it. I did it! I DID IT! I did something that FREAKIN’ scared me!

Have you walked over the CN Tower’s Glass Floor?

Travel to Toronto: CN Tower Experience is a Must
Walking across the glass floor was part of the CN Tower Experience and as an attendee of the TBEX conference, I received complimentary general admission. For C$32 per adult (ages 13 – 64), visitors will reach a height of 1,136 feet (346m) in less than a minute and view Toronto and beyond at the LookOut Level. They can also watch the really crazy people of the EdgeWalk engage in the “toes over Toronto” experience. [Note: EdgeWalk is probably the most exhilarating attraction in Toronto and something I’m pretty sure I don’t have the guts to do. It’s a full walk around the tower at 1,168 feet above the ground. *GULP*]

View Toronto from the Comfort of the CN Tower's SkyTerrace Level
View Toronto from the Comfort of the CN Tower’s SkyTerrace Level

The Tower Experience also includes access to the SkyTerrace at the same level of the Glass Floor and access to a film and motion theater ride.

Nuts & Bolts About the CN Tower
If all you want to do is go up the tower to enjoy the view, plan your visit for the morning to avoid the crowds. But, although I didn’t do it, I imagine seeing Toronto lit up at night would be pretty spectacular and may be worth the wait in line. The 360 Restaurant is located at the LookOut Level and serves lunch and dinner. It’s my understanding by the time you complete a meal the floor has rotated a full 360 degrees. Reservations are strongly recommended. Tel: 416-362-5411

View of Toronto and Lake Ontario from the CN Tower's LookOut Level
View of Toronto and Lake Ontario from the CN Tower’s LookOut Level

CN Tower
301 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6
Tel: 416-868-6937
Visit the Tower’s website for discount ticket options and additional information.

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