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Travel to New York: Buffalo’s Beautiful Gardens

Here’s another reason to travel to New York: Buffalo’s beautiful gardens. View them through America’s largest garden walk, u-pick farms, public art, and the botanical gardens.

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Rose in the Mist at the 9/11 Memorial, New York City, N.Y., Feb. 2016
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I Visited the 9/11 Memorial in New York and This Happened

I didn’t know her but unknowingly standing in front of her name etched in bronze, I was heavy with sadness. Blinking away tears and trying to hide them from my friend, I looked for distractions while he photographed the scenery.

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Video: Solo Travel Girl Takes the Maid of the Mist Boat Tour

Solo Travel Girl Takes the Maid of the Mist boat tour in Niagara Falls, U.S.A. I grew up in Buffalo and not far from Niagara Falls. I’ve visited the Falls several times but never took the Maid of the Mist boat ride until moving away. My best friend from school finally made the trip the weekend of my 45th birthday.

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Filming Permit as Seen During On Location Tours TMZ Tours NYC, Nov. 2014
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Travel to New York City: Taking a Juicy Bite of the Star-Studded Big Apple with the TMZ Tour NYC

Traveling to New York? Hop aboard the red TMZ Tour NYC bus to take a juicy bite of the star-studded Big Apple.

Soaking up the glitz of pop-culture is one of my guilty vices and TMZ is my go-to source for a juicy fix. Watching the show, I often thought it would be fun to follow a TMZ crew as they scoped out Hollywood’s streets in search of today’s relevant celebrities.

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The Most Amazing Night's Sleep Ever Was in This Bed at this New York City Hotel - NYLO NYC
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New York City Hotel: Sleeping Paradise Found at the NYLO

leeping paradise found at the NYLO Hotel in New York City. As hard as I fought, my internal alarm clock woke me at 5:30 a.m. Peering through the slivers of my weary eyelids, I could tell it was still dark and definitely not time to begin my day. I didn’t need to be anywhere until 11 a.m. which meant hopping in a cab around 9:30 a.m.

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An Amish Buggy, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.
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Up Close and Personal with the Amish on New York’s Amish Trail

During my summer trip to Buffalo, my parents and I set out on our next adventure, New York’s Amish Trail. My fascination with the Amish probably began before I was 5 years old when my family made road trips to visit friends in Titusville, located in Western Pennsylvania.

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Come Take a Walk with Me Up the Ruby-Red Stairs Above the TKTS Booth in Times Square, New York, N.Y.
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Walking the Ruby-Red Stairs Above the Times Square TKTS Booth

  I suppose you can say the amount of time I spent in the Big Apple this week was the equivalent of a New York minute. I flew in late Monday afternoon, had a business meeting Tuesday afternoon and flew out later that day. Of course that didn’t stop me from visiting my favorite New […]

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Solo Travelers Welcome at Historic Castle in New York, Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House in New York’s Hudson Valley is offering the “Solo Traveler” special rate through October 31, 2013. Here’s your chance to stay in a historic castle without jetting off to Europe.

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Random NYC Encounter: GMA’s Robin Roberts, the Heart of Times Square

Two of the reasons I love New York City are it’s consistent yet random. A contradiction, right? I know when walking the streets of Manhattan, specifically through Times Square, I’ll feel a vibrant energy visitors and locals alike embrace. The ball of energy is a combination of sights, smells and sounds – not all pleasant […]

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Have Ya Met the Naked Cowboy During a Trip to the Big Apple?
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Discover Naughty New York with the Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City

If Carrie Bradshaw could show you her New York City, what would it look like? Although the Sex and the City character is fictional, the deliciously smart, sassy and empowering travel guide, Naughty New York: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City, is available to help any woman navigate through the Big Apple, whether she’s […]

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