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Rose in the Mist at the 9/11 Memorial, New York City, N.Y., Feb. 2016
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I Visited the 9/11 Memorial in New York and This Happened

I didn’t know her but unknowingly standing in front of her name etched in bronze, I was heavy with sadness. Blinking away tears and trying to hide them from my friend, I looked for distractions while he photographed the scenery.

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Random NYC Encounter: GMA’s Robin Roberts, the Heart of Times Square

Two of the reasons I love New York City are it’s consistent yet random. A contradiction, right? I know when walking the streets of Manhattan, specifically through Times Square, I’ll feel a vibrant energy visitors and locals alike embrace. The ball of energy is a combination of sights, smells and sounds – not all pleasant […]

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Have Ya Met the Naked Cowboy During a Trip to the Big Apple?
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Discover Naughty New York with the Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City

If Carrie Bradshaw could show you her New York City, what would it look like? Although the Sex and the City character is fictional, the deliciously smart, sassy and empowering travel guide, Naughty New York: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City, is available to help any woman navigate through the Big Apple, whether she’s […]

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My Budget Business Trip to New York City

I welcome business trips to New York City with mixed emotions. Sure, it’s terrific my employer picks up (most of) the tab for the trip but I also cringe because of the expenses I’ll have to personally incur, expenses associated with travel but not reimbursed by my employer. I love visiting New York and exploring […]

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Mario Batali Brings Italy to Manhattan with Eataly

An Italian mega-eatery and shop has moved into Manhattan’s Flatiron District thanks to celebrity chef Mario Batali and his partners. Called Eataly New York the super store opened on Aug. 31, 2010, and I tasted a little bit of it last week during my trip to New York. My friend Cordelia, who lives in Manhattan, […]

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New York City Travel: Be on CBS’s The Early Show

I really don’t have a desire to be on television, I’m a great behind the scenes gal making others look good. But while visiting New York City on a business trip this week I decided to be one of those people in the background during a morning news program. I chose CBS’s The Early Show […]

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