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Nellie Bennett, Author of "Only in Spain."
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Book Review: Only in Spain by Nellie Bennett

Thank you, Nellie Bennett. Because of you I’m now dreaming of grabbing a floor-length skirt layered with ruffles and heading off to Spain to learn flamenco. Before reading “Only in Spain: A Foot-Stomping, Firecracker of a Memoir about Food, Flamenco, and Falling in Love” the idea never crossed my mind but because you so eloquently shared your sacrifices to follow your passion to learn authentic flamenco, I want to run away with gypsies, too.

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We’ll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Adventure by Jennifer Coburn
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Book Review: We’ll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Adventure by Jennifer Coburn

AAnyone can keep a travel journal but it takes a special talent for crafting an engaging travel story worthy of inviting others on the journey. We’ll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir by Jennifer Coburn is not a flowery travel memoir about eating croissants, sipping coffee in Parisian cafes, and wearing matching berets in Paris. It’s a lesson in living life and well worth the read.

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Have Ya Met the Naked Cowboy During a Trip to the Big Apple?
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Discover Naughty New York with the Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City

If Carrie Bradshaw could show you her New York City, what would it look like? Although the Sex and the City character is fictional, the deliciously smart, sassy and empowering travel guide, Naughty New York: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City, is available to help any woman navigate through the Big Apple, whether she’s […]

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Pack Along “Beach Chair Diaries” On Your Next Trip to the Beach

“Salt water runs through my veins,” Janet E. Spurr, author of Beach Chair Diaries, Summer Tales from Maine to Maui wrote me in a recent email interview, “My parents met at the beach, my grandparents owned a guest house two blocks from the beach. My father once filled the floor of our basement with sand […]

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