Pack Along “Beach Chair Diaries” On Your Next Trip to the Beach

Pack Along 'Beach Chair Diaries' for Summer Travel

Pack Along 'Beach Chair Diaries' for Summer Travel

“Salt water runs through my veins,” Janet E. Spurr, author of Beach Chair Diaries, Summer Tales from Maine to Maui wrote me in a recent email interview, “My parents met at the beach, my grandparents owned a guest house two blocks from the beach. My father once filled the floor of our basement with sand to host a beach party.”

Spurr’s entire life has focused on beaches so it’s appropriate she’s penned essays about her sandy passion and compiled them in the perfect beach read, Beach Chair Diaries, Summer Tales from Maine to Maui. From the reviews I’ve seen, the book is an easy read ideal for passing the time when sun worshipping and dipping toes in the sand.

Each chapter is an essay about a specific experience ranging from learning to surf to her adventures in boat ownership. Unlike the typical travel anthology, chapters end with “Low Tide Times” or “Spurr’s Tips” which range from resources to a thought-provoking self-growth questions.

Miami's South Beach, Fla., May 21, 2011

Miami's South Beach, Fla., May 21, 2011

What Does Janet Spurr Think of Florida Beaches?
“I love the Florida beaches, especially South Beach Miami, which is so clean. South Beach is the best people watching and night life. I had both my 40th and 50th birthday parties there,” the author said. “I also loved Siesta Key, which was voted one of the best beaches in the U.S. The white sand is amazing. Fort De Soto near Tampa is a unique place with miles of beach.”

When it comes down to her preferred beach, “I would say South Beach Miami is my favorite,” Spurr wrote, “The beach chair rentals are the most comfortable I’ve found on any beach.”

And what’s the one must-have item the author takes to the beach? A journal and pen. “I’m so inspired when I go to the beach that if I don’t have something to write with or on, I get frustrated.”

I can absolutely relate to that!

When heading out to the beach, pack along your copy of Beach Chair Diaries with your sunscreen, beverages and Sand Gone sand remover. If your local bookstore does not have Beach Chair Diaries, visit Janet Spurr’s website or Amazon to order your copy. Beach Chair Diaries is available for the Kindle, too.

And if you can’t make it to the beach right away, listen to beachy sounds on Spurr’s website (


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  1. Love your website. So when will you be on Oprah? Surely she will recommend “Beach Chair Diaries” as a terrific summer read. I love it.

    Go JANET!

  2. Awesome blog! You made me want to buy the book now!!! Honestly, Florida has so many beautiful beaches and things to do…


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