Beach Day! Review of ‘Sand Gone’ Sand Remover

Review of Sand Gone Sand Remover

Review of Sand Gone Sand Remover

Being Memorial Day and having the day off, I headed to Englewood Beach on Manasota Key, Florida, to worship the sun (with ample sunscreen) and put the sand remover product called Sand Gone to the test. Here’s the rundown on Sand Gone: it’s a dry powder made from natural ingredients. It comes with a soft buff to puff the powder on the skin and it claims the sand will come right off and leave skin soft. Really?

How I Heard About Sand Gone

Not sure about you but when anyone follows me on Twitter, I always check their profile and website link to see what they’re about. Tiffany Smith with Sand Gone (@SANDGONE) followed my employer’s account months ago and while searching for something last month, I came across the Sand Gone site and decided to order the product to see if it really works.

Growing up, when my family spent our spring breaks in Sarasota and Siesta Key, going to the beach was one of the things I hated when I was a teenager. Sure, I loved tanning on the beach and spraying Sun-In Hair Lightener in my hair for that orange/blond look. But what I hated was how the sand just stuck to my body. Sunscreen seemed to be a magnet and that gritty feeling of sand on my arms, legs and elsewhere was just gross and uncomfortable. So here comes Sand Gone and why not give it a try for $12? (For an 8 oz. jar.)

Review of Sand Gone: Does it Work?
I was skeptical whether Sand Gone would work. The short of it, yes, it works, at least on sand granules. Those tiny chunks of shell the size of confetti didn’t wipe away, they seemed to be fused with the sunscreen and Sand Gone concoction and I can live with that. I was impressed how the sand flaked off. I’ll be packing Sand Gone on my future beach trips and sharing this with my family who will be visiting later this summer.

I’ve posted a video review of Sand Gone, too. Check it out here.

The opinions in this post are mine (all mine!) and I was not compensated nor asked to write this review.


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