Health & Beauty: Boosting Immunity and Energy with AeroLife Air-Based Smart Nutrition System

AeroLife Package I Sampled

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of AeroLife™ . All opinions are 100% mine.

AeroLife Package I Sampled
AeroLife Package I Sampled

Boosting my immunity and energy with AeroLife™ air-based smart nutrition system is fitting my goal of improving my health. Although traveling is adventurous and exciting it’s also tiring and takes a toll on my immune system. Long days, short nights, little sleep and change in climate almost always guarantees I’ll end up sick with a cold.

I was recently given samples of AeroLife  to put to the test and it so happened I received the samples during a hectic couple of weeks and wondered if this would be fair to the product. When I worked in Everglades National Park a major mosquito repellent company wanted to test their product in a mosquito-infested area…in October. I told them if they really wanted to put the product to the test they needed to test it in August. Their response was, “We don’t want THAT many mosquitoes.”

Testing AeroLife now is the equivalent of testing mosquito repellent in peak mosquito season. Guess what?

After working 45 hours in three days, beginning the day at 5 a.m. and later kayaking in 39° temperatures, and feeling the distinctive tingle of a cold coming on, various AeroLife products did what they said they would – energize, ease me to a good night’s sleep and boost my immunity.

When I needed a good night’s sleep because I knew I had an intense week ahead, AeroLife: Sleep Vanilla had me dozing off quicker than usual and although it was a six-hour sleep, I woke up refreshed.

AeroLife Energy Mint - Great Zing and So Far, My Favorite
AeroLife Energy Mint – Great Zing and So Far, My Favorite

After a week that included standing in the rain to coordinate a former president’s visit, then driving across the state to attend a trade show then back again, my body tried to give into the cold demons but I used AeroLife: Immunity Tropical Citrus to fight that cold off.

Here’s how it works: 

  • AeroLife delivers powdered blends of vitamins, supplements, and flavors including 100mg of caffeine (that’s like a large cup of coffee), in addition to B vitamins which starts right away to strengthen mental focus and I didn’t experience any jitters. Unlike high calorie, high sugar energy drinks, it contains natural ingredients.
  • The air-based smart nutrition system has zero calories, zero sugars and zero liquid.
  • It’s simple to use. Draw air through your lips and tiny bits of food and nutrients travel through the air to your mouth where they are swallowed. Not only are AeroLife products healthy, they’re tasty, too.
  • It’s quick to use and works quickly. When I used AeroLife Sleep, I feel asleep quickly and woke up well rested.
  • The product is small and easily fit in my purse.
  • Each reloadable system contains three to five uses based on how much you consume.
  • AeroLife was invented by Harvard professor, Dr. David Edwards and this patented and reloadable system is uniquely designed to work, fast, anywhere.

Free Trial of AeroLife
Not sure if AeroLife is for you? Give it a try with a FREE TRIAL of a 12 pack Energy in flavors of Watermelon or Raspberry , which are both nice flavors. Visit There is a $5.99 non-refundable shipping and handling fee and a credit card is required.

Start your free trial now

I was pleasantly surprised by how well AeroLife worked. I’m a believer in taking my supplements in addition to eating as clean as possible. Rather than carrying bottles of pills around, these reloadable systems are easier to travel with and I have to say, AeroLife: Energy Mint is my favorite flavor but AeroLife: Sleep Vanilla was my favorite because it worked so quickly.

I Slept Like a Rock and Awoke Refreshed with AeroLife: Sleep Vanilla
I Slept Like a Rock and Awoke Refreshed with AeroLife: Sleep Vanilla

Do you use supplements to boost your immunity or energy?

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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