Day: June 8, 2011

Social Media

I’ll Be Part of This! World’s Largest Gathering of Travel Bloggers Arrives in Vancouver

Less then 24 hours from now, I’ll be heading off to Vancouver to participate in the third annual Travel Blog Exchange. I’ve been attending since the beginning and my, how it’s grown! It started off with about 100 travel bloggers in one room for most of the day. Last year it grew a bit with […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Little Stormy Weather in Western New York

During the trip to Western New York and Pennsylvania over the weekend I didn’t get to see any Amish folks or any evidence they exist (despite being told “they’re everywhere”) but I did get see this potentially massive storm. It produced lightning, thunder, rain and a little breeze. (Didn’t see any flying cows, thankfully.) Luckily, […]

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