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Culinary Travel

Quirky, Fun Dining at King Tut Grill in Knoxville, Tennessee (The Food’s Good, Too)

My Diet Coke was served in a flower vase, the restaurant owner performed a magic trick, and an Egyptian headdress was available to wear while dining. Welcome to King Tut Grill in Knoxville, Tenn., offering a quirky, yet delicious dining experience in South Knoxville. Moe is the restaurant’s owner and although my colleague and I […]

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Social Media

Thank You Wine Sisterhood! Who Knew a Glass of Wine Would Lead to This?

Last month I attended SheCon 2011 in South Beach and was made aware of the social media conference by fellow blogger Eileen Ludwig. The conference was excellent with top-notch presenters, sponsors and networking opportunities (post to follow eventually). Saturday evening of the conference, Eileen and I visited the Sassy Suite hosted by the Wine Sisterhood […]

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