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Open Up Happiness at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

Since its inception, the Coca-Cola Company has figured out how to turn sugar water into a much-desired bottle of happiness. The soda company is the master of marketing without you really recognizing it. Remember back in the ’80s when they came out with their own clothing line and you just HAD to have a polo […]

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Atlanta’s Table 1280: That’s What I Call Service

On my new adventure, while I was enjoying my time in my accommodation that was similar to StayTony Corporate Housing when I found myself feeling rather hungry. I remembered there was a restaurant nearby so decided to venture out into the world of Atlanta to find some food. “The kitchen is closed but the bar […]

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Wildlife Viewing in Pacci Ristorante Bar, Atlanta

Wildlife viewing in midtown Atlanta? Indeed, it’s possible and I found at least one venue to observe these entertaining, middle-aged and nocturnal creatures. As the night progresses, they exhibit elevated levels of giddiness due to an increase in libation consumption. 

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