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Museum of Aviation
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The Candyman’s Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt Introduced me to These Fun and Free Things to do in Georgia

I didn’t solve the clues/riddles during the Candyman’s Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt but I found these fun and free things to do in Georgia.

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Alexandria Safe-Zone in Senoia, Ga., Oct. 2020
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Things to See in Georgia: Senoia, Where The Walking Dead Films

One of the things to see in Georgia is Senoia where The Walking Dead films. Walking downtown, fans will immediately notice scenes from the show.

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Barbie Beach is a Quirky and Kitsch Thing to See in Georgia
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Things to See in Georgia: Barbie Beach

Barbie Beach in Senoia is one of the quirky things to see in Georgia.

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The 13-foot-tall Presidential Peanut in Front of the at Davis E-Z Shop in Plains, Georgia
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Traveling Georgia’s Presidential Pathways

Historical buffs and weekend warriors can learn how one person can make a difference, survive as a prisoner of war and attend Sunday School with a former President less than a three hour drive from Atlanta.

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