Things to See in Georgia: Barbie Beach

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Barbie Beach in Senoia is one of the quirky and kitsch things to see in Georgia. What is it?

Barbie Beach is a Quirky and Kitsch Thing to See in Georgia
Barbie Beach is a Quirky and Kitsch Thing to See in Georgia

Quirky and Kitsch Thing to See in Georgia

I recently participated in The Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt in Georgia. and as I drove the backroads, I stopped at a quirky yet kitsch thing to see, Barbie Beach! Barbie, GI Joe, and friends are engaged in a wild Oktoberfest celebration in Mort Bar on a lawn along Georgia State Route 16. Nearby, another team of Barbies was ready for kickoff between the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers.

“Oh, it’s the most redneck thing,” a woman at the information center in Senoia said when I asked about Barbie Beach. She said scenes change. The last theme she saw paid tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“I think it’s even in Google maps,” another woman said.

Barbie Beach is Ready for Football!
Barbie Beach is Ready for Football!

Since 2006, Steve and Lynda Quick have posed Barbie, GI Joe, et al in different scenes on their yard. By looking online, it looks as though it evolves with seasons and current events. Scenes have depicted The Walking Dead (which films in nearby Senoia), NCAA Final Four, and royal weddings. And typically, the dolls don’t have clothing on. But remember, these are dolls and not anatomically accurate representations of humans.

Based on the Oktoberfest scene, these dolls know how to party! I saw a bar, bottles and cans of booze. Barbies sat on bikes, one on skates, one was lifted by a big creature. Maybe it was Big Foot. Many others are partying. It also looks like some Disney princesses, leprechauns, and Spiderman are part of the wild mix, too.

These Dolls Know How to Party!
These Dolls Know How to Party!

You Won’t Find Barbie Beach in the Georgia Tourism Guide

Barbie Beach isn’t in the official Georgia tourism guide. But, if you’re near Senoia or just driving through, it’s worth a stop. It’s one of the fun things to see in Georgia and will make you smile. And these days, we need more of these bright spots.

Barbie Beach is located 4397-4679 GA-16, Senoia, GA 30276. This site to see is located on a private lawn and there’s parking for one car.

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