Best Theme Park Turkey Leg: Disney or Universal?

I’ve come to the conclusion my favorite theme park food is the enormous smoked turkey leg. Yes, I once laughed at those hungry tourists who gorged on massive legs. Now I have become one of them noshing on the savory treat while venturing through a park. In defense, I either eat my turkey leg sitting in a quiet nook and eat with my hands or if I am walking, I’m picking off the smoked meat with my fingers.

Smoked Turkey Leg from Hollywood Studios
Smoked Turkey Leg from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s also my favorite theme park food because it makes me feel as though I’m eating something healthy, although when I checked the calorie count of the Disney turkey leg, I balked, “what?” At 1,092 calories, it’s almost an entire day’s worth. To reduce calories, I don’t eat the skin. That makes it alright, right?

So which theme park has the best smoked turkey leg? Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Studios Florida?

Smoked Turkey Leg from Epcot

The Mouse’s Leg

First up is the Walt Disney World Resort smoked turkey leg. My most recent tastings have been at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Mmm. The cost is pushing $8 with tax but the taste is worth its weight in gold. It’s a heavy sucker, too, and I have yet to eat a complete one. The meat has always been tender and juicy and best yet, the consistency between parks is the same.

Smoked Turkey Leg from Universal's Islands of Adventure
Smoked Turkey Leg from Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Woody Woodpecker’s Leg

Next, it’s Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Visiting Universal yesterday to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was the first time I’ve been to the park in a very long time so my experience with Universal’s smoked turkey legs is limited.

The price seemed more reasonable than Disney’s – for $8.50 plus tax I received a turkey leg and bag of chips (marked at $2.50 a bag), yet the turkey leg wasn’t as large as those found at Disney. And maybe that’s a good thing. But, my leg was not as moist as I would have liked it to be. It was nice and hot, though.

My Winner Is…

And the winner of the best theme park smoked turkey leg?

Disney wins by a wing span!


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  1. Thanks for your article, Solo Travel Girl. We have just come back from Disney and Universal, and tried in both parks to resist the smoked turkey leg tourist trap. The tempting aromas became too much as drumstick eaters walked by us. On our last day of touring the parks, in Universal’s Islands of Adventure, I said “just this once!” and bought a turkey leg combo with bag of chips — but at $13.99 (2016 prices). My husband, older son and myself all enjoyed that one leg. Being at home now, and reminiscing about that leg, I have actually slow baked 2 huge turkey legs from our local supermarket, and they were a hit too!!

  2. They are hard to resist! Will need to try making them at home.


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