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Culinary Travel Disclosure

S is for Serendipity 3 in New York City

Frozen hot chocolate. The concept is a sweet mug of oxymoron served up daily at Serendipity 3 in New York City. For years I’ve been wearing Serendipitous, the chocolate-scented perfume by Serendipity 3 but last week was my first visit to the popular eatery.

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R is for 5 Road Trip Tips

Whether traveling alone or with a buddy, I do love myself a good road trip. Like most everyone else, I’m minding my budget and trying to travel smarter when hitting the highway for a weekend jaunt or week-long getaway. Following are a few budget-friendly road trip tips. 

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Q is for Quirky Kitsch Girl

Before this blog, Solo Travel Girl, I started Quirky Kitsch Girl’s View in 2005, a blog to post my random thoughts and share what was happening with family and friends. It wasn’t my first blog, I’ve actually been blogging since at least 2003 (or maybe 2002) but that blog no longer exists.

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P is for People at Play and their Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Is Mom “One Tough Mother”? Is she the type of gal who seeks adventure and likes digging her hands in dirt? If so then a gift certificate to People at Play: The Heavy Equipment Experience in Bradenton, Fla., may be the perfect gift for Dear Mom.

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N is for National Park Week April 21 – 29, 2012, Free Park Admission!

Just about every cause, association, trade and food has it’s own day. (Did you know today is National Eggs Benedict Day?)  Other organizations have their own week, such as today’s topic, National Park Week, April 21 – 29, 2012. This year’s theme is “Picture Yourself in a National Park.” It puts a little pep in […]

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