No Single Supplement Fee on Select Galapagos Trips


Let’s rejoice at some groovy news to the solo traveler’s ears, opens in a new windowInternational Expeditions is waiving the single supplement fee on its January 7, May 27 and September 30, 2011 Galapagos Islands cruises. Solo travelers will incur a savings of 25 percent off regular fares while enjoying the amazing wildlife, landscape and history of the Galapagos Islands.

I’m typically not a fan of packaged tours as a solo traveler because of the dreaded single supplement. This means solo travelers pay an extra fee as compared to those who have partners to share lodging (such as hotel room or cruise cabin), or, the solo traveler is paired up with another singleton to share. Knowing a tour company is offering this option for those who go solo is refreshing and perhaps International Expeditions is a bit of a trendsetter.

Following are some deets about the Galapagos trips:

These are 10-day cruises through nine islands aboard International Expeditions’ 32-passenger yacht M/V Evolution. The smaller ship permits it to navigate to Genovesa (Tower) Island where thousands of red-footed boobies, short-eared owls and storm petrels chill. Guests will be able to come ashore multiple times a day and while onboard, will enjoy delish cuisine, spacious accommodations and a canopied bar. Also included is the use of snorkeling equipment, wetsuits and kayaks.

Outdoor activities abound with daily snorkeling and hiking through deserts, rainforests and volcanic terrain, other highlights include visiting the Charles Darwin Research Center, famous for its tortoise breeding programs; an exploration of Santiago Island, a haven for finches, doves and Galapagos hawks; and a sailing to iconic Kicker Rock.

Prices for the Galapagos Islands vacations start at $4,998, and include accommodations, Galapagos tax and transit fees, all excursions, 23 meals, transfers and tips to porters and waiters for included meals.

International Expeditions is celebration 30 years of travel, specializes in small-group journeys, practices environmentally responsible travel and committed to preserving natural habitats and improving the welfare of the people and communities it visits.

Additional information and to request a Galapagos Islands Cruise brochure, contact International Expeditions at 1-800-633-4734, nature@ietravel.comcreate new email or opens in a new

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  1. Just to piggy-back on this blog post a little, I am an IE employee and the company intends to continue offering single-supplement free tours in 2012 as well!

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