Day: June 8, 2014

Travel to the Dominican Republic: I Only Sampled a Taste of Samaná's Ecotourism During My February 2014 Trip
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Travel to the Domincan Republic: My Trip to Samana in Instagram Photos

Ah, beautiful Samaná. An ecotourism paradise with gorgeous, uncrowded beaches, turquoises-blue water, hypnotizing waterfalls, sweet fruit, and warm, welcoming smiles. Enjoy my February 2014 journey through my Instagram images tagged with #EcoSamana.

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Clara, a Smart and Witty Businesswoman in Antigua, Guatemala, May 2014
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Business is Business. Haggling is an Art Form in Guatemala

“I’ll make you a deal. Business is business and I’m a businesswoman,” said Clara, the street vendor outside the Porta Hotel (Antigua). Haggling is an art form in Guatemala.

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