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Travel to the Dominican Republic: I Only Sampled a Taste of Samaná's Ecotourism During My February 2014 Trip
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Travel to the Domincan Republic: My Trip to Samana in Instagram Photos

Ah, beautiful Samaná. An ecotourism paradise with gorgeous, uncrowded beaches, turquoises-blue water, hypnotizing waterfalls, sweet fruit, and warm, welcoming smiles. Enjoy my February 2014 journey through my Instagram images tagged with #EcoSamana.

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A Horse Rests at Parada Basilio y Ramona, El Limón, Samaná
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Travel to the Dominican Republic: Horseback Riding to El Limón Waterfall in Samaná

There’s something to be said about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes but what about riding a few miles atop another man’s horse? Continuing on my journey in the beautiful ecotourism haven of Samaná, located in northeastern Dominican Republic, I found myself riding another man’s horse to the splendor of El Limón Waterfall.

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Entering a Cueva de la Línea at Los Haitises National Park, Dominican Republic
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Travel to the Dominican Republic: Samaná Had Me at First Splash in Los Haitises National Park

Wind kissed my cheeks and whipped my hair as the motorboat raced across teal-colored water of Samaná Bay. As we neared some of the 58 keys of Los Haitises National Park, the boat slowed down and I soaked up a beauty I never knew possible.

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