Day: February 16, 2015

My Friend Nicole, President Jimmy Carter and Me Following Sunday School in Plains, Ga.
Girlfriend Getaway

That Time Former President Jimmy Carter Set Me Straight About Noah

Anxious for the Bible study lesson to begin, I sat in a pew fidgeting at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Ga., sitting between a friend and a stranger. “Please remember, we’re here to worship God and not Jimmy Carter,” the pastor said.

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Orlando Airboat Tours - Fun, Educational and a Little Wild
Featured Florida Fun Solo Travel

5 Reasons Why This Orlando Airboat Tour is the Best I’ve Taken

Racing over the Everglades in an airboat seems to top the list for tourists visiting Florida. Airboat operators are a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State, just like gray-haired ladies and palm trees but Orlando Airboat Tours by Marsh Landing Adventures stands out. Having lived in Florida for nearly 20 years and having been on umpteen trips, here are five reasons why this Orlando airboat tour is the best I’ve taken.

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