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Sunrise Over Florida Bay in the Flamingo Campground, Everglades National Park, Nov. 2018
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2018: Yes, Flamingo is Open in Everglades National Park

Recently, I took a nostalgic trip to a place I once called home and I can confirm, yes, Flamingo is open in Everglades National Park. After many hurricanes and aging infrastructure, work is not done but one company has taken the destination under its wing to make it something magnificent.

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Wordless Wednesday: Robert Is Here is a Must When Visiting Everglades National Park

Robert Is Here! No, not “here” but there in Florida City which is the gateway to Everglades National Park. Robert Is Here is the name of the fruit stand where Robert, when he was a kid, set up a small fruit and veggie stand. People would stop and ask, “Is Robert here?” Hence, the inspiration […]

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More Images from Flamingo in Everglades National Park: Buttonwood Cafe and Florida Bay

Although I snapped several photos, I thought video would be the best way to show what has changed at Flamingo since my last visit in 2008. Comparing 2008 to when I lived and worked there in the late 1990s is even a greater change especially since while living there, services were in full operation. In […]

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