Solo Travel Girl’s 20 in 20 Goals

What are Solo Travel Girl’s 20 in 20 goals? Rather than resolutions for the New Year, I’m going with 20 goals in 2020, or #STG20in20. I’ve posted them on a door as a daily reminder. Will I achieve all of them? Probably not, but I need to keep moving forward. Did you make a resolution or set a goal for 2020?

1. Home Repairs

This is a bit broad but there are a host of things needing fixing in my home and this is the year to do it! YouTube will be my friend!

2. Debt

Bleh! Yeah, I have debt. The goal in 2020 is to knock two loans.

3. eBay

To help with the debt reduction, I need to sell some stuff and my goal is to use eBay to do it. I’ve found some cool finds in my picking and time to find them good homes.

4. A1C

If you’re not diabetic or know a diabetic, you probably don’t know what this is. I’m Type 2 Diabetic, it’s in my genes – and in the junk I’ve eaten over the years, and sluggish lifestyle. Long story short, I need to make some changes, like changing what and how I eat and moving more, to get my number back down.

5. Harley Day Trip

I have this thing for adventure and other than being on a training Harley-Davidson, I haven’t been on one. My goal is to find a guy who’ll let me be his ride-or-die for a day trip. Okay, just the ride part. Plus, it gives me more content!

6. Spend-Free Weeks

Circling back to debt, I need to reduce my spending to up my snowball which means staying out of the stores.

7. Conceal and Carry

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and have my CWP. I now need to take the next step to get to the range.

8. More Time

The beginning of the year, I started letting go of volunteer commitments and planning fewer trips. I’m trying to slow down and enjoy my life. 2020 is a wake up call. I looked back at the last 10 years and haven’t moved forward much. This is my decade!

9. Four-Figure Blogging

I’m dreaming big and this goal is have a four-figure income month with my blog. Will it happen? Won’t know until I try!

10. EBA

Tying to #9 is Elite Blog Academy, it’s a program to take blogging to the next level, like 10 stories. I enrolled last year and it’s an at-your-own-pace program. Not even halfway finished. But this is my year!

11. Move During the Day

Although there are some days where I’m constantly outside the office, there are other days where I’m sitting at my desk all day, including lunch. I now have a pair of tennis shoes at my desk and using my breaks to walk the complex.

12. Axe Bullseye

Axe throwing is the fastest growing sport and with the opening of The Axe Haus in North Port, my goal is to throw a bullseye. I’m giving it a try later this month.

13. Heart (LOVE)

Finding love has been a goal over the years and I’m optimistic this is the year. Really. Yup. Okay. Maybe I already met him and he doesn’t realize it.

14. Beach Yoga

I live in paradise yet don’t enjoy it as much as I should so this goal is to attend beach yoga at least once a week.

15. Meet Presidential Candidate

I shook Hillary Clinton’s hand during the 2016 campaign and I’m heading to Iowa for the caucus at the end of the month so I’m thinking my chances are pretty good at meeting a candidate.

16. Big Fish

I live in the fishing capital of the world and I market fishing yet, I haven’t caught a big fish but this is the year to do so. Tarpon. Goliath grouper. Shark. I’m not picky but it needs to be big.

17. Fireflies

For 2 years I’ve applied for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park Firefly lottery and maybe third time’s a charm! It’s one of the homes of synchronous fireflies. I have learned Blue Springs State Park in Florida has fireflies in March so I’ll probably be making a trip to the east coast.

18. Book

I have a book ready to publish, I just have not pulled the trigger but I’m determined to do it this year. I also need to gather up content for book number two so who knows, maybe I’ll publish two in 2020.

19. 12 Books

The intention is to read one book a month. Attainable, right?

20. Vote

Of all my 20 in 20 goals, this should be the easiest to accomplish.


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Author: Solo Travel Girl

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., a hiking trail led Jennifer to a career path in tourism. She has worked in the tourism industry for more than 20 years including 10 years with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley and Everglades National Park. She currently lives in Southwest Florida, and maintains this travel blog with the goal of inspiring others to travel alone, not lonely.

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