How Does North Miami Beach Look So Nice?

North Miami Beach, Florida, May 21, 2011

North Miami Beach, Florida, May 21, 2011

While attending SheCon, the New Media Expo, this weekend, I had the good fortune of staying on North Miami Beach. I mean, my hotel was directly on the beach. On the first morning I wandered out to catch the end of the sunrise (it was Saturday and I needed some sleep so no, I didn’t wake up a sliver before the crack of dawn). People were already walking the beach and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at 8 a.m.

Then, something I haven’t seen before, came rolling up from the south – a big tractor-looking thing. It had big wheels and carefully navigated around people sitting on North Miami Beach. It seemed as though its purpose was to flatten the sand beneath it.

Another vehicle came through, one that looked as though it picked up the sand and ran it through a sifter, redeposited it then smoothed it. Interesting. Very, interesting.

I don’t know all the secrets keeping North Miami Beach but did get see the sand rakers in action. Check out the video to see the sand sifter vehicle.


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