Fresh Fish, Sweet Watermelon and a Flash Mob at the Punta Gorda Farmer’s Market, June 18, 2011

Flash Mob at the Punta Gorda Farmer's Market, June 18, 2011

Flash Mob at the Punta Gorda Farmer’s Market, June 18, 2011

This is the first Saturday in a while I was home so I wandered down to the Punta Gorda Farmer’s Market (Florida) to see what was new. Boy, was it hot! I knew something special was going to happen and could see the crowd sitting on the steps on the courthouse and cameras set up. At 11 o’clock on the dot, recorded music began to play, some teenagers began dancing and eventually, the crowd began to cheer and woot and clap and dance.

“It’s a flash mob! It’s… a… FLASH mob!”

The words of Cam from ABC’s “Modern Family” danced in my mind as the mob grew and eventually, the older onlookers joined in.

The flash mob was organized as part of the Peace River Film Festival which premiers Sept. 9 – 11, 2011, in Punta Gorda. The festival includes a Flash Mob Video competition.

Executive Producer of the Batman movie series, Michael Uslan, will be honored with a lifetime achievement award during opening night festivities.

Enjoy what I caught on video and be sure to check out September’s Peace River Film Festival.

If the above video does not play, click here.


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