Postcards from Alaska: Visting the Alaska Pipeline

Visting the Alaska Pipeline Outside Fairbanks, Alaska

Visiting the Alaska Pipeline Outside Fairbanks, Alaska

What’s 48 inches in diameter, 800 miles long and crosses over three mountain rangers and more than 30 major streams and rivers? The Trans Alaska Pipeline System, that’s what.*

A stop at the Alyeska Pipeline Visitor Center in Fox, north of Fairbanks, was made during my Alaska trip to view a small portion of the 800-mile pipeline.

The pipeline is a man-made wonder especially considering the environmental obstacles engineers and workers encountered when building it between March 1975 and May 1977.

Alaska Pipeline, Steese Hwy., North of Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska Pipeline, Steese Hwy., North of Fairbanks, Alaska

The visitor center was closed but just viewing the pipeline was impressive enough, especially envisioning gallons of hot oil pumping through right at that moment. A short trail up the mountainside is nearby and I imagine you could walk as far as you’d like beneath the pipe.

Alaska Pipeline is part of Alaska’s and America’s history. If in the area, stop by the Alyeska Pipeline Viewpoint  It’s located on Steese Hwy. (Alaska Highway 2) about a 15-minute drive north of Fairbanks.

*Source: Alyeska Pipeline Service Company


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