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Stars at the Frankfurt, Germany, Christmas Market, Dec. 2015
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The Best Way to Experience Germany’s Christmas Markets

Psst. Want to know a secret to the best way to experience Germany’s Christmas markets? I’ll tell ya. It’s a cruise with Viking River Cruises.

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Bamberg, Germany, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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#VikingSocial: Drinking Bacon-Like Beer in Bamberg, Germany

“Mmm, it kinda tastes like bacon,” I said to my sister as we sampled three beers in Bamberg, Germany, “and I bet it would be delicious with bloody mary mix.”

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Viking River Cruises: Portugal's River of Gold Excursion to the Mateus Palace, Vila Real, Portugal
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Video: My Favorite Things About Cruising in Portugal with Viking River Cruises

What were Solo Travel Girl’s favorite things about cruising in Portugal with Viking River Cruises? Lucky for you, each night of the 10-day cruise I recorded a video sharing what I liked best about the day.

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Setting Sail with Viking River Cruises in Portugal, July 2015
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Europe Bound to Cruise Portugal’s River of Gold with Viking River Cruises

In a way, I’m feeling like a kid in the days leading up to Christmas because I’ll be cruising for the first time. And, I’ll be doing it solo with Viking River Cruises with their Portugal’s River of Gold up the Douro River itinerary.

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