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Do Like the Locals Do and Bicycle Along the Mekong River While Visiting Chiang Khan Thailand.
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Hidden Thailand: 10 Things to Do in Loei Province

I can say with certainty, Loei is worth the visit when traveling to Thailand. Located in the northeastern region of the kingdom with the Mekong River serving as a border to Laos, the Loei Province is an easy (and affordable), one-hour flight from Bangkok on AirAsia.

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Amulets Made by the Tai Dam People in the Loei Province of Thailand, March 2015.
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Travel to Thailand: Dancing with the Tai Dam People

During my March visit to Thailand, I tossed aside my inhibitions and danced with the Tai Dam people in Ban Na Pa Nat of the Chiang Khan district in the Loei Province. And yes, I did it without the assistance of good libations.

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A monk chants a prayer after receiving his alms in Chiang Khan in the Loei Province of Thailand, March 2015
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Travel to Thailand: Almsgiving to Monks in Chiang Khan

My 4:30 a.m. alarm sounded and I hopped out of bed as if it were Christmas morning. The first activity of the day was participating in the merit making ceremony (an almsgiving) to the monks of Chiang Khan.

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Phra That Si Song Rak, a Buddhist stupa built in 1560 AD by Laotian and Thai Kings. The name means "Stupa of Love from the Two Nations." It's located in Loei in Northeastern Thailand.
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10 Things that Surprised Me About Thailand

Oh, Thailand. I had no idea how in a short period of time I would be so smitten with your wonderful kingdom. My visit was only a week long and definitely not enough time to call me an expert. I admit, I didn’t do the proper research before hitting the ground running in Bangkok and Loei Province and in my naivety, here are 10 things that surprised me about Thailand.

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Phu Rea National Park in the Fog. Loei Province, Thailand, March 2015
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I Discovered Thainess and Recharged My Soul

I traveled to Thailand to discover Thainess and the unexpected happened; I recharged my soul. Thing is, I didn’t realize how hollow my life has been the last few months. Visitation to Florida has been flooded with tourists and seasonal residents seeking warmth and sunshine.

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Windmill and Penny-farthing at the Kitty Resort in the Loei Province of Thailand, March 2015
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Travel to Thailand: Hello Kitty-Themed Resort is a Big Pink Surprise

The most surprising thing I saw or did in Thailand? One of those things I did was visit the Kitty Resort, themed after Hello Kitty, in the Phu Ruea district of Loei.

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Travel to Thailand: How Sweet it Is. Maphrao Kaew Made in Loei

  “We like sweet things,” my guide said as the group stopped at a small maphrao kaew factory in Chiang Khan located in Thailand’s northeast province of Loei, “Because coconut is not sweet enough,” she added while laughing. Maphroe kaew is coconut strips cooked in melted sugar to create a deliciously sweet treat.

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Bangkok’s Governor Welcomes TBEX Travel Bloggers to Bangkok

“On behalf of the people of Bangkok…we welcome all of you to Bangkok.” You know you’re part of something big when a governor shows up at an event to welcome attendees. That’s what happened when Bangkok’s Governor, Mr. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, welcomed organizers and bloggers for the Oct. 15 – 17, 2015, TBEX Asia Conference (Travel […]

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