Built in 1857, Humpback Bridge in Covington is Virginia's Oldest Covered Bridget. Don't Ya Love the LOVEwork?
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#LOVEVA: See the LOVE in Virginia

Y’all know “Virginia is for lovers,” right? Launched in 1969, “Virginia is for lovers” is one of the most brilliant tourism slogans EVER. The Virginia Tourism Corporation, the state tourism office, knows “love is at heart of every Virginia vacation” and has created LOVEwork, a 16 feet wide by 7 feet tall artwork of the word “LOVE.” Think of it as a piece of tangible love.

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A Little Abstract Cupid Spotted in Roanoke, Virginia
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Travel to Virginia: Southern Charm and Hipster Vibe in Roanoke

Oh, Roanoke. What have you done to me? Months after my spring visit, your traditional Southern charm and hipster vibe are still in my heart.

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Staunton, Virginia is Cute as a Button! If it Had Cheeks, I'd Be Pinching Them!
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Travel to Virginia: Staunton is Cute as a Button

Heat from the donut radiated through the to-go container and warmed my hands as I watched vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped topping melt together to create a divine sundae. How did it taste? Oh, boy. Sinfully delightful. I mean, a sundae anchored with a freshly-made donut? How could it not be delicious?

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