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Travel to New York City: Taking a Juicy Bite of the Star-Studded Big Apple with the TMZ Tour NYC

Traveling to New York? Hop aboard the red TMZ Tour NYC bus to take a juicy bite of the star-studded Big Apple.

Soaking up the glitz of pop-culture is one of my guilty vices and TMZ is my go-to source for a juicy fix. Watching the show, I often thought it would be fun to follow a TMZ crew as they scoped out Hollywood’s streets in search of today’s relevant celebrities.

Exploring Las Vegas, New York City and More with Gay Travel Buddy

Traveling through Japan with my gay travel pal Matt back in 2004 was a blast. During our adventure, he demonstrated his keen instinct for finding the coolest restaurants and coffee shops in what appeared to be sketchy areas but turned out to be glorious gems. Almost like an explorer, he found his way to Tokyo’s […]

New York City Travel: Be on CBS’s The Early Show

I really don’t have a desire to be on television, I’m a great behind the scenes gal making others look good. But while visiting New York City on a business trip this week I decided to be one of those people in the background during a morning news program. I chose CBS’s The Early Show […]