Sal’s Lounge: Buffalo’s Secret for Chicken Wings

Wings from Sal's Lounge, Depew, N.Y., Dec. 2010

Honey, Garlic Parm, Cajun and Mild Wings from Sal's Lounge, Depew, N.Y.

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I dedicate this post to one of football’s favorite food. A culinary delight from my hometown of Buffalo. The Buffalo chicken wing. Or, as those of us from Buffalo simply call them, wings.

During my Christmas trip home in 2010, my family introduced me to a new place for chicken wings, Sal’s Lounge in Depew. For about a year, they’ve been telling me how delicious the wings are. My dad heard about the place from his football coaching buddies who frequent the neighborhood eatery. And by neighborhood, I mean it’s literally in a neighborhood.

A cheer was roared when my dad stepped into Sal’s and my sister and I followed. Seriously, we can’t go anywhere where he doesn’t know at least someone, even down here in Florida. This time, the cheer wasn’t for him, it was for the Buffalo Bills game televised in the bar. Fans were huddled up in their blue jerseys with draft or bottled beer in hand. The lounge is somewhat small and can fit 50 or maybe 75 people – if everyone’s friendly.

Our order wasn’t ready so we made our way to the back room, ordered up some Molson Golden’s and watched the Bills play on one of seven televisions in the lounge. While waiting, the woman sitting in the next booth over turned around to show us her Garlic Parm wings and said, “They are the best!”

She was right.

Sal's Lounge, Depew, N.Y., Dec. 2010

Sal's Lounge in Depew, N.Y., near Buffalo

Perfect timing, our order was ready at the same time our glasses were empty. We left the crowd for the comforts of home to share with the rest of the family. In addition to Garlic Parm, we brought home Cajun, which was a dry rub, Honey and Mild.

They tasted good but different from the typical Buffalo chicken wing. There’s an extra coating of light breading or something on them, I just can’t pinpoint what it is. The whole wing and coating is deep fried then the appropriate sauce is added. Garlic Parm was the most distinctive of what we ordered, a thick sauce with small crumbs of Parmesan cheese. Messy yet tasty. A single order (I believe a dozen) is $9 and double is $16.50.

In addition to wings, Sal’s also serves up Beef on Weck, Pizza Logs, Cherry Dessert Logs along with other lounge fare (I have no clue what logs are, I’m assuming they’re rolled up food.)

Next time traveling to Buffalo and have a hankering for wings, check out Sal’s Lounge for a friendly, neighborhood feel and delish food. Dine in or take out.

Sal’s Lounge
283 Olmstead Ave.
Depew, N.Y. 14043
Tel: 716-683-9553

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